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Who is Octavia Sperati?

Octavia Sperati, formerly known as Octavia, is a gothic metal band from Bergen, Norway.

Their Work?

The group released their debut album Winter Enclosure in 2005. Their second album, Grace Submerged, was released in May 2007. Both albums were released by Candlelight Records, and both releases were followed by a tour in the United Kingdom. The band is currently all female except for the drummer, Ivar Alver.

When did the band broke apart?

On 20 July 2008, Octavia Sperati announced that they would be “taking a break.”


On 21 February 2015 Wergeland announced via Twitter about Octavia Sperati’s reunion.

About Us

Octavia Sperati is former group who made their debut in Bergen, Norway.

This is site dedicated to their memory. Band fell apart back in 08′ and our site is about putting random articles about their life.


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Leasing Sperati Condos

The members of a popular metal bend Octavia encountered some financial problems as they tended to travel around the world. The most expensive were sleepovers in hotels. However, their innovative manager found a solution to the problem, so they were able to pay accommodation for a couple of nights. He came upon the idea to lease those apartments that are cheap on one hand and on the other hand are the interesting way to experience a new city. He was inspired by tourists that travel around Europe carrying only backpacks. Since doing gigs has some similarities to that kind of travel, the apartments renting came naturally to him. The apartments Octavia rented were of a modern design and spacious enough to host all the members. It is known that the rest after gigs is very relevant and they could find it there; not to mention privacy which is of great importance. As everybody knows, the fans could be sometimes really annoying. Because of that, Octavia always paid much attention to locations of the rentals.Condos1

The leasing of apartments for a short period of time has become really popular in Canada these last few years. That went in favor to the visionary manager of Octavia. When the members of the band were on a tour in Canada they took accommodation in big cities, such as Laval and Surrey. However, Calgary  from Vrumrentals.com was their favorite destination to settle down. Due to its beautiful geographic position, it is a popular place to visit and it attracts attention of numerous tourists. It is also known because of its rich cultural life and annual music festivals. Therefore, Vrumrentals became one of the favorites of Octavia.


For these talented musicians it was a great experience to take part in the rock festival and present their music to the Canadian audience. Apart from that, to rent apartment in this city turned out to be very lucrative. The prices were low for a couple nights stay, so the group could go sight-seeing and truly get to know the city. Calgary rental agency is one of the cheapest in the area.

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