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Octavia Sperati is former group who made their debut in Bergen, Norway.

This is site dedicated to their memory. Band fell apart back in 08′ and our site is about putting random articles about their life.


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Octavia is a band that has been playing metal rock for a few years. As they tend to move around the world and Europe, things get really expensive.
The most expensive are off course sleepovers in hotels. Their innovative manager found a solution and their costs for a couple nights stay in a new city aren’t that important now.
Their cool and great ideas are rental apartments. Rental apartments are cheap and are a great way to experience a new city.
The idea was borrowed from tourists that travel around Europe with backpacks only. Since doing gigs has some similarities, an apartments renting came naturally for the manage. Apartment Renting in Calgary is really easy to do these days.


Ever since the age of rock in England in the Beatles time new bands had trouble managing their funds while traveling.
With a modernization and the access to the internet this is no longer the case. There are many apartment rental agencies around the globe that offer booking in advance.
The apartments that Octavia rents are of a modern design and are spacious enough for all members to pack.
The rest after gigs is always really important and rentals offer great privacy. Fans are sometimes overwhelming and the location of the rental itself is very important. city is great and people are nice

Apartment renting in Laval is great place to be ,city is great and people are nice.


Octavia stayed in great cities that are located off course in Canada, their favorite country. Calgary, Laval and Surrey are unforgettable towns.
They are small but great towns with a remarkable history. Canada has big rock festivals and therefore our favorite group Octavia is there often.
Leasing apartments for short periods of time have become really popular in Canada these last few years since the economic crisis, so it goes in favor to our visionary manager.
Prices are low for a couple nights stay, so our group can go around and visit some places and really get to know the city that they are in.
For more about next gigs click here. Apartment renting on Vrumrentals.com is cool thing to see happening after a long time.

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